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How to Dose Methylene Blue? Dosage Guide and Posology

Usage Tips: Dosage and Administration of Methylene Blue USP

Usage Tips: Dosage and Administration of Methylene Blue USP

Methylene Blue USP Overview :

Methylene Blue USP is available in liquid form, easily mixed with a glass of water for convenient administration.

Formulation and Quality :

Its formulation adheres to USP quality standards, ensuring precise concentration and optimal effectiveness.

Safe and Beneficial Use :

For safe and beneficial use, carefully follow the administration and dosage instructions. Always consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

Methylene Blue Oral Dosage :

  • Minimum Dosage: Start with a minimum dose of 10 mg per day, equivalent to 1 ml or 20 drops of Methylene Blue USP solution.
  • Maximum Dosage: Do not exceed a daily dose of 40 mg, corresponding to 4 ml or 80 drops of the solution.

Instructions for Oral Use of Methylene Blue :

  • Mix in Water: Add 1 to 4 ml of Methylene Blue USP to a glass of water. Prefer filtered or bottled water for better quality.
  • Consumption: Take this solution in the morning or early afternoon. Avoid consuming it late in the day to prevent sleep disturbance.
  • Precautions: Do not take this product during pregnancy or breastfeeding, in combination with antidepressants, in case of renal insufficiency, or if taking medications such as cyclosporine, sirolimus, or tacrolimus to avoid organ transplant rejection.